IDP Launches Smart Bit Ribbon Shredder


IDP Launches the Industry’s First Purpose-Build Photo ID Card Printer Ribbon Shredder to help with GDPR compliance

Recently, IDP launched the all new SMART-BIT card printer ribbon shredder.  It’s launch time could not have come at a better time with many businesses facing mounting pressure from new GDPR regulation. 

This new device is the first of its kind – a purpose built machine to completely shred card printer ribbons. 

Printer ribbons are a key element in the printing of all types of plastic cards such as ID Cards, Access Control Cards and Loyalty Cards.  

Many people are unaware however,  that after the printing process has completed, the ribbon film leaves behind an imprint of the printed card, known as “ghosting”.  This is a potential disaster if these ribbons are not disposed off properly as the cards sensitive information can be compromised. 

The used ribbon can contain all sorts of sensitive information such as  Names, ID Numbers, account numbers and much more. All these are available for anybody to see and possibly use to create a counterfeit ID. 

“After printing cards, the ribbon contains a ghost image of all the details which were printed. This data can be viewed and copied by anybody if the ribbon is not disposed of correctly. ”

SmartBit Ribbon Shredder

The SMART-BIT® is designed to destroy that vital personal information left on the ribbon. Using IDP’s patented twisted Micro-Cut Technology the unit will shred the ribbon into tiny (~2mm) bits of debris that are virtually impossible to accurately re-construct.

The SMART-BIT® was designed to accommodate any dye-sublimation ribbon from the popular printer brands in the market today. Ribbons from 60mm to 120mm can easily fit into the units holding tray for quick and reliable destruction. The unit catches the ribbon debris in an easy to load and discard waste bag. For larger users, the SMART-BIT® has an option for a large floor-standing waste bin and 70-liter waste bag.

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