Smart 30s Card Printer

The Smart 30 has now been replaced by the Smart 31 Card Printer


Smart 30s ID Card Printer

The Smart 30S is a compact desktop printer ideal for small/medium volume card issuance. The 30 is a well-built machine capable of printing up to 500 cards per day.
Smart 30s Printer

Compact Yet Powerful

The 30S has a small form-factor that will fit easily on any desk. With a powerful print engine it is capable of printing up to 128 cards per-hour.

Smart 30s Printer

Easy to use

Designed for ease of use. The 30S comes with plug and play functionality right of the box. The printer comes with standard USB connectivity with an option for ethernet connectivity for networking.

Smart 30s Printer


There are no limits with the Smart 30. It can print all types of cards: ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Membership cards and more.