Printer Showdown: Smart 31 vs Smart 51

Printer Comparision: Smart 31 vs Smart 51

Clash of the titans: today we compare two of the most popular IDP Smart card printers. Find out which printer is best suited for your needs

When it comes to ID card printers, there are a lot of different choices available. It can be confusing trying to find the perfect printer to suit your needs.  To make your decision a little easier, we’re comparing the two most popular Smart  direct-to-card printers from IDP – the Smart 31 and the Smart 51. Both are value-priced and engineered for users that print between 1000 & 3000 cards per year. 

Smart-31 ID Card Printer

An impressive upgrade from its predecssor the Smart 30, the entry-level Smart 31 printers boasts stunning full-colour prints, quick print speeds and a lighweight robust chassis. The Smart-31 printer creates a full-color ID card in just 23 seconds and a monochrome (single-colour) card in only 5 seconds. Additionaly, it includes an 80-card input hopper with a 25-card output hopper for efficient, small-batch card printing.

The Smart-31 printer is a versatile machine and can easily be configured to accommodate your security and photo ID needs with extra options such as:

  • encoding
  • dual-sided printing
  • Ethernet connectivity

Always a strong selling point for the Smart range, the  Smart-31 card printer includes an exceptional 5-year advanced exchange warranty coupled with a 3-year unlimited printhead warranty! With 300dpi for color prints and 600 or 1200dpi resolution for monochrome cards – along with edge-to-edge card coverage – you can depend on the Smart-31 series card printer to produce excellent quality cards.

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Smart-51 ID Card Printer
The Smart-51 card printer – the Smart-50’s successor – builds upon the impressive foundation of the Smart-31 with some nice additional  features including:

  • lamination
  • encoding
  • dual-sided printing
  • Ethernet connectivity

Designed with sleek robsut all-metal frame,  the 51 is a fantastic office printer well-equipped for any type of printing environment. With its direct-to-card technology, this printer offers faster printing speeds and can create up to 212 single-sided, full-color in an hour.

This dye-sublimation ID badge maker produces excellent skin tones for your photo IDs with a faster, state-of-the-art CPU and reduced printing noise. In addition, the Smart-51 printer has a built-in LCD display with intuitive user prompts, including:

  • ribbon and hologram count
  • user prompts (ribbon or card empty, etc.)
  • IP address
  • manual cleaning by pressing the two buttons

The Smart-51 ID printer also has a larger card capacity (up to 200 cards when the printer cover is open) for increased card production efficiency. In just 8 seconds, the IDP Smart-51 printer is the industry’s fastest “ready-to-print” laminator:

  • YMCKO: 17 seconds or 212 cards per hour
  • YMCKOK: 22 seconds or 164 cards per hour
  • YMCK/Lamination: seconds or 164 cards per hour
  • YMCK/K/Lamination: seconds or 113 cards per hour

IDP’s patented DirectLamination capabilities, you can opt for single- or dual-sided lamination for high-security, long-life credentials. With an easy-to-read LCD display, the Smart-51 printer provides helpful user prompts, including manual printer cleanings for ultra-convenient maintenance. The improved print speeds for the various types of printing simplify the creation of secure, superior-quality images and text for your card issuance program.

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